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A local carpet company passionate about carpets and how they impact each room’s dynamics. 

We’ve measured and fitted countless carpets and we are still fascinated how each time we add a fine quality carpet to a room, it makes the space more happy. Carpets are not just interior accessories. They add a sense of warmth, comfort and luxury. A carpet is like a painting for your floor. But just like with a painting, if you buy a kitsch carpet, it will completely ruin your room’s dynamics. We are here to guide you through the carpeting process and make sure the carpet you choose compliments your space, whether it’s residential or commercial. 

Our customers’ happiness and satisfaction is the reason why we strive to offer an excellent service.

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional company with a friendly personal touch then you couldn’t find better firm than My Local Carpets. We are not just a business, we are people who love carpets and want to share that love with you. 

Your home deserves a new carpet
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We are the Rolex of the carpet industry offering only the finest materials and premium services tailored to your needs. Treat yourself to a new carpet today. 

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Why trust any company when you can work with My Local Carpet? We take each job seriously and always strive for highest customer satisfaction.

Carpets provide numerous benefits. 

Installing carpets is a brilliant way to save energy as they’re one of the key contributors to the insulation of an indoor environment. On the top of insulation, they provide psychological warmth and sense of home and comfort. 

Several studies have shown that carpets also absorb sound if you’d like to affect your room’s acoustics. 

If safety is your priority then adding a carpet can prevent slip-and-fall accidents, as most of them occur on hard surface floors, not carpeted ones. 

On the the top of it, they are easier to maintain as they are less labour intensive when it comes to cleaning.

There are several more benefits that we’re happy to discuss in person or over the phone. Make the right choice for your house or office space and contact us today. 

Decorate your floors with a brand-new carpet today. Add a sense of luxury and comfort.

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